Our Story

Hi, we’re Daniel and Arin

We’re the co-founders of Epilogue, and we’re glad you’re here. It means you’re taking a giant step towards protecting those you love. When we practiced as estate lawyers, we helped many people just like you, so rest assured, you’ll be finished your Will – and feeling pretty darn good about it – in no time at all.

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Daniel Goldgut
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Arin Klug
Our Vision

Because everyone should have a Will

Yep, we know. Making a Will can be overwhelming – whether you’re just beginning or trying to finish it off. That’s why we started Epilogue. We wanted to provide a better way to make a Will, so more people could do it.

It’s a process that’s simple, affordable, and light on the legal jargon. We hope you’ll be inspired to finish your Will here, so you can relax and get on to whatever it is we’re sure you’d rather be doing!

How It All Started

We don’t just have law degrees, we have families

Like a lot of people, the need to have a Will really hit home for us once we started having families of our own. And as estate lawyers we saw a lot of people, young and old, struggling to get theirs done. Everyone knew they should have a Will, they just didn’t feel they had the time or the knowledge to get started.

The opportunity for us to put our estate-planning expertise to work in a way that could help more people was exciting. So, we traded our suits for slippers and started figuring out how we could make the process easier. The result was Epilogue. A place where you can get started on your Will in a matter of minutes… and yes, even in your slippers.

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How It Works

We guide you from start to finish

Estate planning doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can get yours done in 3 easy steps.

  1. Answer questions about you and your wishes.
  2. In just a few seconds, Epilogue will auto-generate your custom Will.
  3. Follow the signing instructions to make it legally binding.
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