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Five Reasons You Should Consider Pre Planning Your Cremation
Estate Planning 101

Five Reasons you Should Consider Pre-Planning your Cremation

Pre-plan your funeral with ease and lessen the burden on your loved ones. Discover 5 benefits of pre-planning your own cremation services with Eirene.

Pre-planning your own funeral might seem morbid, but actually, it’s anything but! Making important decisions about what should happen when you’re no longer here isn’t just a practical thing to do, it’s something that can make a huge difference in the lives of the people who are left to cope when you’re gone.

Many people don’t realize that including their disposition directions in a Will might not be enough to ensure they are followed. This is because sometimes Wills aren’t read (or even found) until well after a cremation or burial has taken place. Anyone who has experienced a loss knows that making funeral arrangements while grieving makes a difficult task even harder. So if you want to lessen the burden on your loved ones, make your plans in advance, and make them known.

With that in mind, here are 5 benefits to pre-planning your own cremation services:

1. You can shop around

There aren’t many big purchases you’d make without doing some research, right? But it’s almost impossible to shop around for a funeral if you only start looking for providers when you actually need the service. By exploring options before you need to, you have the chance to make sure you are supporting the kind of business that aligns with your values (and respects your pocketbook).

2. You’ll save money

When you pre-pay for cremation, you are locking in prices today for something you (hopefully) won’t use for a very long time. Guaranteed items won’t go up in price, even if inflation outstrips interest. You can even choose payment plans to make costs more manageable while you’re living—and the best thing is you won’t be leaving your family with a sudden (and unavoidable) expense when you’re gone.

3. You get to be in charge

When you pre-plan your cremation, you’ll decide everything from how your body is cared for, what container you’d like your remains to be placed in, and what kind of service you’d like to have (before or after your cremation takes place).

4. You’ll prevent fights

By making decisions ahead of time, no one will be guessing what you might have wanted—and that means no one has to argue about it.

5. You’re making it easier on your loved ones

We can’t get away from the fact that losing someone is hard. Planning ahead won’t lessen natural feelings of grief. But what it will do is make sure that people can spend time taking care of each other, instead of taking care of unfinished business.

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Eirene’s goal is to make end-of-life arrangements easier for families while maintaining the same dignity and exceptional service Canadians expect from traditional funeral homes.

Eirenel's funeral directors are trained to help individuals and families make simple, dignified arrangements for end-of-life care from the comfort of their own homes — online or over the phone. By helping families make arrangements from home, decisions can be made in a pressure-free environment at a pace that suits everyone. Reach out today to learn how easy it is to pre-plan your cremation.

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