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NoticeConnect x Epilogue: Better Together

September 7, 2021
Completing your Will is one thing; locating it when the time comes is another. Now, all Epilogue customers have easy access to register their Wills with the Canada Will Registry.
Written By Amanda LevineSeptember 7, 2021

Epilogue is excited to partner with NoticeConnect to offer all customers the ability to register their Will for free with the Canada Will Registry. By offering customers free Will registration, valued at $40, this partnership takes us one step closer to our mission of making estate planning simple and accessible for Canadians.

I’m thrilled that NoticeConnect has partnered with Epilogue to make it easy for everyone to register their will so it can be found when it’s needed.
Patrick Hartford, Director, NoticeConnect

The law still requires a paper copy of someone’s Will to be signed in ink and stored in a physical location. A Will is often completed many years before someone passes away. During that time, people might move, and relationships may change, and often a Will can’t be found in a timely manner after someone passes away. The Canadian Will Registry offers a simple solution to this common problem.

“Once a Will is executed, it needs to be stored some place safe. Unfortunately, the location of the original Will is not always communicated to the executor,” explains Arin Klug, Co-Founder and COO of Epilogue. “The team at NoticeConnect has done incredible work to address the issue of missing Wills by creating the Canada Will Registry.”

We’re excited to partner with NoticeConnect to advance our shared goal of making estate planning and administration easier for Canadian families.
Arin Klug, Co-Founder & COO of Epilogue

What is the Canada Will Registry?

The Canada Will Registry is a simple and affordable way for Canadians to ensure their Will can be found when it’s needed. Completing your estate planning documents is an important and prudent step to take, but if no one can find the documents when the time comes, the law assumes the Will was revoked and will distribute your assets according to the intestacy law in your province.

Time is of the essence after someone passes away. And the Canada Will Registry allows Canadians to locate a Will quickly and efficiently when it’s needed. No need for a scavenger hunt!

How does the Canada Will Registry Work?

The actual process of registering your Will at is pretty straightforward. There are just a few basic pieces of information you need to provide, and everything is kept confidential and secure.

  • Full legal name
  • Birthdate
  • Current address
  • Location of Will
  • Date your Will was witnessed and signed

There is also the option of including the name of your executor(s).

How can my executor find my Will?

When an executor needs to administer an estate and find out if a deceased friend or family member had a Will, all they have is to submit a Search Query with the Canada Will Registry. Submitting a search query takes just a few minutes. You’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself and the deceased.

As long as you’re authorized to receive information about the Will, you’ll get information of where the original Will is located. A Search Query costs about $95 + HST.

How much does it cost to register my Will?

Registering a Will with The Canada Will Registry costs $40 + HST; however, if you’re an Epilogue customer, you receive a unique code to register your Will for free.

If you are an Epilogue customer and haven’t yet received your code, feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected]

What if I live in BC?

Residents of British Columbia can still register their Will with the Canada Will Registry; however, BC also has its own provincial Will registry.

Please note that the unique code Epilogue customers receive to access the Canada Will Registry does not apply to the BC Wills Registry.

We encourage you to register your Will using all means available to ensure your executor has no issues locating your estate planning documents when the time comes.

Written By Amanda Levine
Amanda is the Director of Content at Epilogue. She's committed to helping all Canadians learn the importance of estate planning and protecting the ones they love most. In her spare time, she fosters with a local rescue and walks her rescue dog, Louise!