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Introducing the #SteppingStones2021 January Challenge!

January 6, 2021
This year, think less New Years' resolutions and more long term goals. Join Epilogue and partners for the #SteppingStones2021 challenge!
Written By Amanda LevineJanuary 6, 2021

I’m sure most of us are happy to have the last year in the rearview mirror. But, while 2020 is the year we all love to hate, it’s still worth reflecting on some silver linings that came out of it all.

For Epilogue, it was a monumental year. Just as the world was turned upside down, we launched Epilogue with the mission of helping Canadians protect their loved ones.

In just nine months, we gave away thousands of free estate planning documents to frontline healthcare workers and low-income members of our communities, we provided peace of mind and security to tens of thousands of Canadians, and we gave millions more Canadians access to affordable online estate planning.

With 2020 behind us, it’s time to look to the year ahead. But, why stop there? This year, let’s all try to take some steps that will set us up for success not only in 2021 but well into the future.

Introducing the #SteppingStones2021 Challenge

It should come as no surprise that around 80% of New Year’s resolutions never get completed. A big reason for this is that we often set goals that feel too overwhelming or daunting to achieve.

The key to effective goal setting is to make them lofty, yet achievable. At the same time, you should be able to feel just as passionate about your goals 5 months from now as 5 years from now. Things like keeping your loved ones protected, setting up and sticking to a solid budget, and decluttering your life are things we all want to achieve… but it can be hard to even know where to begin.

That’s why we’re introducing the Stepping Stones to Success Challenge. We’ve teamed up with Paper & Coin and Space in the City to design a series of bite-sized challenges to help you set yourself up to achieve bigger things down the road.

A successful future is all about building a solid foundation, and that’s what the Stepping Stones to Success Challenge is all about!

Meet our partners

We’re super excited to partner with two great brands that are also on a mission to help Canadians take control of their lives and achieve their long term goals.

Paper & Coin is a remote team of financial experts who help Millennials gain control over their finances and confidence in managing them. They offer personalized coaching, lots of great content, and educational courses.

Space in the City is a personalized organizing lifestyle service based in Toronto. They help people declutter their living and office spaces, resulting in a clear mind and a clear path to achieving other goals.

How it works

Participating in the challenge is easy (that’s the whole point!) Just make sure you’re following Epilogue, Paper & Coin, and Space in the City on Instagram and look out for our weekly updates.

The challenge will kick off on Monday, January 11! Each week you’ll get one simple challenge. After you complete the weekly challenge, post to your Instagram Stories to let us know, using the hashtag #SteppingStones2021 and tag @epilogue_wills and the participating partner for that week. (If you have a private account, you’ll have to screenshot your Story and send it to us in a DM.)


The challenges


Week 1 Challenge: Watch Paper & Coin’s webinar on budgeting and complete their free template

Week 2 Challenge: Complete the Will Preparation Checklist from Epilogue

Week 3 Challenge: Using this Decluttering Guide from Space in the City, fill a garbage bag of clothing you don’t need anymore and donate it to a charity of your choice.

If you complete all 3 challenges within the month of January, you’ll be entered in a draw to win an exciting prize pack!

The prize pack

Simply completing the Stepping Stones to Success Challenges will be a huge step in setting yourself up for big things in the future. But the lucky winner of our draw will win a prize pack valued at up to $765!

Here’s what’s included in the prize pack:

  • Complete estate planning package from Epilogue
  • 1-hour coaching session with a CFP from Paper & Coin
  • Half-day virtual organizing consultation from Space in the City

It’s the little things we do today that will help us achieve bigger things down the road. So, we hope you’ll join us for the #SteppingStones2021 challenge as we gear up to tackle 2021! Wishing everyone a happy new year and much success this year and beyond.

Written By Amanda Levine
Amanda is the Director of Content at Epilogue. She's committed to helping all Canadians learn the importance of estate planning and protecting the ones they love most. In her spare time, she fosters with a local rescue and walks her rescue dog, Louise!