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Why I Will: William, Family Man and Philanthropist

January 10, 2022
As a dedicated family man, it's important to William that his Will protects his loved ones and also reflects his philanthropic goals.
Written By Amanda LevineJanuary 10, 2022

Everyone has different motivations for making or updating their Will. For some people it’s having kids, others it’s travelling, and some just want it crossed off their to do list. Regardless of why, those who have an up-to-date Will in place have one thing in common—peace of mind.

Leaving a legacy you can be proud of

Meet William (we’ve changed his name for privacy reasons). William is an Epilogue customer who recently sat down with us to share his why and offer some advice on using your Will to leave a legacy you can be proud of.

William and his wife have built a beautiful life together over 45 years of marriage. Their family has now grown to consist of two children and five grandchildren. They currently reside on the west coast, where they live in retired bliss.

The idea of making a Will first crossed their minds after the birth of their first child. However, unlike most young Canadians, they acted on the idea and completed their first Will with a lawyer. Since then, they’ve experienced various changes and milestones in their life and have updated their Will as needed. Once William discovered he could make and update his Will online, he was excited to try it out and is now a happy Epilogue customer!

“Working with Epilogue was an easy process and did not involve having to sit and listen to a lawyer tell us what we should and should not do. We found the process stress-free and very simple to use. And any questions we had were answered very promptly!”

Paying it forward: Sharing with the less fortunate

William and his wife are both passionate about social causes, specifically, Foster Parent Plan programs and the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver. As William explains, “So many children need help who cannot help themselves.”

We support the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver as they do such meaningful work turning people’s lives around.

William wishes to leave behind a legacy of sharing with the less fortunate in a way that helps improve their quality of life. About a decade ago, William realized he could achieve this and significantly impact the causes he cares about most by leaving a portion of his estate to his favourite charities.

As his financial situation has changed over the years, he has updated his Will accordingly to ensure it always reflects his wishes and the legacy he wants to leave.

In William’s words, “We have been fortunate enough never to have to worry about a roof over our head, and we have never had an empty stomach.”

We have been blessed with financial security, and we need to share that.

Sound advice for anyone considering planned giving

One of the main reasons people don’t include charities in their Will is they believe it will take away from their loved ones. But the truth is, even leaving 1% of your estate to a charity can have a massive impact while still leaving the majority for loved ones.

Williams suggests bringing your loved ones into the conversation and making them part of the legacy planning process.

Involve your family with your thoughts and have them participate in the process.

For example, William has a certain amount of dollars reserved for charities and has made it known in his Will that his family can add a charity of their choice to share in what him and his wife leave behind.

Want to be like William?

Are you feeling inspired to not only feel the peace of mind that comes with completing your Will but also the pride that comes with leaving a legacy you can truly be proud of? Get started today and start (and finish) your Will in 20 minutes. If you are passionate about certain causes but still aren’t sure which charities to include, check out this simple guide to choosing the right charities to include in your Will.

For more information on legacy planning and how to leverage the power of your Will to change the world (while still taking care of your loved ones,) visit the Will Power website.

Written By Amanda Levine
Amanda is the Director of Content at Epilogue. She's committed to helping all Canadians learn the importance of estate planning and protecting the ones they love most. In her spare time, she fosters with a local rescue and walks her rescue dog, Louise!