Protect your digital legacy with a
Social Media Will.

Plan how your posts, profiles, and stories
will live on.

How it Works

Shape your online legacy

With a Social Media Will from Epilogue, you can decide for yourself how you want to live on (or log off) when it comes to your social platforms. And we’ll help you plan it, free of charge.

  • Answer some simple questions.
  • Generate your custom document.
  • Share your wishes with loved ones.

The Why

Everyone needs a Social Media Will
to protect their social afterlife.

For some of us, our social media lives are our lives. Just like a shoebox of old photos and letters, our accounts hold a collection of our memories, interests, feelings, and expressions.

Choosing which of these pieces to preserve might seem strange to think about, but it’s important. Not just because they can live on forever, but because, just like the shoe box, they are something others can hold on to.

This is why we created the Social Media Will.