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Introducing Plan Well Guide

Introducing: Plan Well Guide

To live well, age well, and die well, you need to Plan Well.

A Note from Epilogue: At Epilogue, we have met so many wonderful people and companies innovating in the end-of-life space. We're happy to share some of them here with you. Continue reading to learn the story about Plan Well Guide, in their own words.

We are a comprehensive medical planning company that seeks to assist people in their life journey to and across the finish line. Plan Well Guide was founded by Dr. Daren Heyland, a critical care doctor who has led a research program in improving communication and decision-making in the context of serious illness for the past 20 years. Family Physician Dr. Jeffrey Steed and Exercise Physiologist Jonathan Low PhD(c) joined the Plan Well Guide leadership team in 2023. 

Plan in Advance for Serious Illness and make sure you and your family are optimally prepared and protected.

Serious illnesses like cancer, a major car accident, or a stroke can happen at any time and without warning. In these instances, your loved ones will be called upon to make decisions for you. They will find the experience super stressful unless you prepare them adequately. Better-equip your loved ones to make decisions for you by completing an Advance Serious Illness Plan.

Advance Serious Illness Planning (ASIP) is the process of preparing you and your loved ones for decision making in the case of serious illness. ASIP is a ‘new’ planning approach that will better prepare your family to make life and death medical decisions, personal care decisions, and to manage your finances while you are incapacitated.  ASIP today will better protect your 'future self' when you are vulnerable and reduce the stress on family in the future.

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