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Holiday Gift Guide

SOS: Save Our Small Businesses (A Holiday Gift Guide)

SOS: Save Our Small Businesses. Browse this directory of Canadian owned businesses and consider buying local this holiday season!

This holiday season is a very different one. And with a second wave of lockdowns happening across the country, it’s an especially difficult holiday season for our local small businesses, the brick and mortar stores in particular.

Having only launched in March of this year, Epilogue is a small startup itself and we wanted to do something to help lift up our fellow SMBs. We reached out to friends of Epilogue (and Epilogue employees) and asked them to contribute to a continually growing directory of local businesses. We’re calling the list Save Our Small Businesses (SOS)!

Who is the SOS for?

This directory is for any Canadian who wants to support Canadian small businesses. You can get as local as you wish, the lists are broken by Province and City. We’ve also organized the list into gift ideas for:

  • Homeowners

  • Parents

  • Partners

  • Pet owners

  • Active people

  • Foodies

Plus, an extra fun section with unique and unconventional gift ideas! We’ve also made a note of the black-owned and indigenous-owned businesses in the Description column.

Epilogue presents: The SOS Holiday Gift Guide

Without further ado, feel free to peruse this curated guide and virtually window shop at these excellent Canadian-owned businesses. We’ve also taken the time to do the browsing for you and have included some gift suggestions for you. Some of our contributors have even offered up discount codes for select stores!

Please consider buying local this holiday season.

And to all the small businesses who are feeling the pinch this year, we stand with you and support you. You’re the keystones of our communities. Thank you for everything you do.

CLICK HERE to view the guide.

Can I contribute a small business to this list?


We’d love for you to submit your favourite gift ideas from local small businesses. Please just fill out this form and tell us why they are so special and feel free to suggest specific gift ideas to help the indecisive folks (like me!)

This guide is meant to be a living document. With your help, we hope to continue growing our directory of businesses throughout the holiday season.

Happy holidays to you and yours, from all of us here at Epilogue.

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